Building Cybersecurity Resilience in the Face of Increasingly Sophisticated Cyberattacks

Building Cybersecurity Resilience in the Face of Increasingly Sophisticated Cyberattacks

Businesses currently face increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. These attacks often evolve too fast for traditional virus protection software to keep your systems 100% protected. 

There is now the added dynamic of companies operating with remote workers and work-from-home protocols. While most companies will not transition to fully remote operations, many will continue to embrace the productivity and cost-savings they’ve achieved from employing work-from-home strategies. As such, it’s even more imperative to be able to protect data inside and outside the organization. 

In the face of this, and with persons also operating on private devices, enterprise-wide security systems are a necessity to protect data and maintain confidence in your business. 

CISOs and CIOs know that they need the most effective solutions to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected. They need to build into their strategies cyber resilience that supports localized and remote operations. 

But what does cyber resilience mean in the face of traditional antivirus systems?

Traditional cyber resilience strategies leave you exposed

The traditional way of building resilience relies on employee knowledge and action, reactive strategies, and basic perimeter defenses. 

If these are the strategies you’re relying on, then, unfortunately, these traditional methods of building cyber resilience will leave your business exposed. 

Here are just a few basic examples that we’re sure you’ve encountered at some point in your business of protecting your company’s assets. 

Training staff to identify attacks

Ransomware attacks are getting more creative. As such, no matter how much investment you put into training staff to identify phishing and social engineering scams, inevitably, someone will crack. And when they do, your system will be compromised. 

Employee knowledge and action aren’t foolproof. Insider threats – whether willingly or not – are always going to be an issue. You need a solution that can protect your employees from themselves even as you continue to train them in how to operate. 

Relying on patches and updates from your security provider

Virus software by its nature is reactive. They update based on known threats. Threats become known when they’ve already impacted your business, cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes irreparably damage your reputation. 

Depending on perimeter security for endpoint protection

Firewalls and antivirus software are not foolproof. Hence, the many major breaches we’ve all seen in the news and hope that it never happens to you.

Shield technology that must rely on database information means your systems could be compromised before your security provider can bolster your perimeter defenses. 

So, in light of these issues – and the many more you hope you never have to vocalize to your senior management team – what you need is one simple solution to combat all these cyber security threats you could potentially face.

A better way to protect your business data and security 

As CIOs and CISOs try to inform their boards about the best ways to protect their operations, it becomes necessary to offer more reliable solutions that can stand the test of time – and withstand daily attacks

Cyber resilience needs a truly proactive approach, one that can adjust in real-time as threats arise. That’s why we recommend the Sentry way of building protective cybersecurity for the future. 

Sentry is ‘simple’ in that the protection you enjoy is covered by one tool. The solution itself is a highly advanced cybersecurity system that proactively protects all assets now and in the future. 

If you’d like a demonstration of how Sentry performs and why we’ve not experienced a single breach in the 8 years we’ve been in operation. Contact Ameot for a demo, and let’s discuss enterprise cybersecurity options for your organization. 

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