Have traditional cybersecurity measures left your business compromised?

Have traditional cybersecurity measures left your business compromised?

How would you feel as a CISO or CIO to boast that you’ve never had a cybersecurity breach in 8 years and counting?

That’s what some of our clients at AMEOT have been able to claim. They’ve forgone the traditional cybersecurity strategies that had consistently let them down. They no longer worry about breaches that will cost hundreds of thousands in damages and harm their reputation. 

Now, they enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a CIO advising them on the best options for digital security. They get better results and suffer no downtime due to breaches or compromised data. 

To get to that level of security, you have to review the traditional way of thinking about cybersecurity and be willing to accept other options.

Unfortunately, we see major businesses in the same cycle year after year. The antivirus fails to prevent the attack. There is a breach of the company’s security systems. They do post-mitigation work and implement “preventative” measures to limit a reoccurrence of similar activity. And the cycle continues for each new breach, ransomware, or malware that gets thrown at them. 

When you’re stuck in the past with traditional measures, this is the constant loop that most IT professionals encounter. 

It’s time to understand why traditional virus protection systems have passed their best by date. Now, you need to embrace a new generation of cybersecurity protocols. 

How traditional virus systems “protect” your business assets

They protect you by identifying known threats and eliminating those threats before they can cause harm.

But what about threats that are not currently in their database? 

For these, they release an update or a patch. But those updates often take weeks to be deployed because they do not identify the threats in real-time. You need real-time, proactive protection that doesn’t fail you when you need it most. 

Why AMEOT Sentry?

We are the new generation of antivirus protection without the limitations of traditional software.

AMEOT Sentry Works proactively:

Instead of being designed to combat known threats only, AMEOT Sentry is optimized to protect from unknown threats as well. The containment capabilities ensure that all unknown files or potential malware are held in isolation even as the staff member continues to work uninterrupted. 

Protects you from employee error

If a user downloads a document with an unknown file, Sentry automatically opens it in containment. This process prevents the unknown file from impacting any part of your system. Your team member can still access their file like usual but without the issue of a virus or malware entering your system.

Every endpoint device protected:

Relying solely on VPN systems to access locally housed documents may not be the best security option with a team dispersed across states and countries. You need every endpoint device protected against all threats – known and unknown. AMEOT Sentry handles this with ease.

Won’t slow down your systems

Some antivirus software will inevitably slow down your system. They run a myriad of tasks in the background to protect your business assets. We’ve designed AMEOT Sentry to work efficiently without impacting your performance and productivity. 

Let’s embrace a new way of protecting your assets

AMEOT Sentry is the new generation of antivirus that prevents attacks from all sources – malware, ransomware, social engineering, data breaches. You name it, our Sentry has spotted and stopped it. 

If you’d like to know more about how AMEOT Sentry can protect your business assets, schedule a demo with us.

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