President Biden's National Security Memorandum

President Biden's National Security Memorandum
Last week, United States President Joe Biden sent out a national security memorandum with the purpose of encouraging strengthening of the security of critical infrastructure.
This is response to recent ransomware attacks revealing the vulnerabilities of our vital services, such as the attacks on the Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods. In the memorandum, several federal agencies assisted by the Department of Homeland Security's CISA and the Department of Commerce's NIST to develop cybersecurity goals for performance and guidance for the private sector organizations that run these critical industries.
This follows in the footsteps of April's announcement of the President's Industrial Control System Cybersecurity (ICS) Initiative, which is designed as a voluntary collaboration between the federal government and the critical infrastructure companies to help produce technology providing indicators, warnings, detections, and visibility of threats.
Cyber is the new type of warfare. President Biden warns that a real shooting war, could develop as the result of a major cyber breach.
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