Lincoln College: A Ransomware Nightmare for Higher Ed - Are You Next?

Lincoln College: A Ransomware Nightmare for Higher Ed - Are You Next?

Photo By: Mark Gordon

The closure of Lincoln College after a Ryuk ransomware attack sends shivers down any CIO or CISO's spine. Beyond the headlines, imagine the devastating impact on students: lost financial records hindering scholarship applications, exposed personal data vulnerable to identity theft, and research wiped clean, shattering academic dreams. This invisible threat lingers long after any ransom is paid. Remember, you're not dealing with businesses – these are ruthless criminals.

Don't let this be your institution's story. The FBI reports a 71% surge in ransomware attacks on higher education in 2021 alone, with losses exceeding $6 billion. The financial blow is crippling, but the human cost is immeasurable.

Invest in AMEOT Sentry proactive defense now, not when it's too late:

  • Thwart basic hacking attempts with an extra layer of security.
  • Get 24/7 monitoring and threat detection by cybersecurity experts.
  • Isolate suspicious software before it can harm your systems.
  • Stay ahead of even the most sophisticated threats.

Beyond technology:

  • Let the experts handle security, freeing your IT team for core tasks.
  • Know what hackers know about you and take proactive steps.
  • Minimize financial losses and ensure business continuity.

Take action now:

  1. Conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment: Identify vulnerabilities like unpatched software and outdated systems.
  2. Educate your community on cybersecurity best practices.


Don't become another statistic. Prioritize proactive defense and protect your institution's future, its students, and its legacy. The time to act is now.


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