Anticipate, Don't React.
AMEOT protects Governments and Enterprises from breaches and ransomware.

Managed cyber security With Your Business Needs In Mind

  • Proven Track Record. With 85 million installs and a record of zero reported losses to ransomware, Sentry delivers unmatched security with the scalability to grow with your business.

  • Sentry automatically handles security for you, blocking unauthorized logins and unknown files (including ransomware) so you can focus on what you do best.

An investment in Sentry $aves your revenues and cuts down downtime.

  • Outsmart, don't outspend. Reduce Costs by eliminating Downtime and qualifying for Deep volume discounts!

Example Savings: 300 Employees 400 endpoints, over 4 Years

  • Average Breach Cost: $4.35 million
  • Reduced Downtime: $900,000 (assuming $100/day/employee)
  • Total Potential Savings: $5.25 million

Get ahead of the next attack...

Sharpen your security awareness with us for free

The best security in the world is better with a cyber aware workforce. Level up and share with your teams. Read. Watch. Learn.

Get access to:

  • AMEOT's "Evolve or Die Series"
  • Cyber Awareness Guides and Checklists
  • Videos
More than just a toolset, AMEOT contributes to the success of your mission

How AMEOT differs from our competitors

  • 85 Million Installs in over 13 Years with ZERO reported losses to ransomware.

  • Lower Overhead means you pay less (volume discounts available).

  • No additional cybersecurity personnel or knowledge needed.

  • Get Quarterly reports on intel hackers possess about your business and your employees on the dark web.

  • Qualify for a discounted $1M cybersecurity insurance policy by running our advance systems on all of your network PCs and Servers.

AMEOT knows the value of your investment. That's why, with every qualifying Sentry purchase, we're throwing in our unbeatable cyber warranty.