Ameot Sentry

The antivirus that catches known and unknown threats before they reach your computer

Business secured by Sentry

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  • Visiting angels
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Sentry seamlessly stops malicious files from being launched, downloaded, or copied before they can affect your computer.

Similar to our immune systems, other Anti-Viruses typically allow you to be infected with a new virus to know how to save you from it later. 

Sentry provides a 360 immunity bubble that finds known and unknown threats in real-time never allowing them to affect your computer.

Sentry makes Blacklist a thing of the past...

Sentry Plus

Includes all Protection from Sentry

Complete Backups of Your Files, Software, Licenses and settings

Decreased downtime from unexpected outages

Sentry has stopped all threats since 2011

Here's What our customer have to say about Sentry

“I never have to worry about my security with Sentry.  It makes things so much easier!”

"When I first heard about sentry I declined it thinking I was Protected with Norton antivirus. After I learned more I found that Norton wasn't actually protecting me! Im so happy I switched over."

"My employees were constantly opening emails and getting viruses. With Sentry I no longer have to worry what my employees click on."