AMEOT Sentry Protects large organizations with complex networks from Ransomware attack.

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We are an extension of your security team
How We stop ransomware attacks...

We block unauthorized logins with App-based Multi Factor Authentication, with codes that can't be spoofed or intercepted by Identity thieves.

We isolate unsafe and unknown software with Auto-Containment before they can run on your computers -by safely containing unknown and unsafe programs away from your sensitive data and systems, we see them before they see you.

We seek out vulnerabilities, to keep them from being used against organizations by actively hunting with cutting edge, A.I. powered tools to make discovery, analysis, and response faster than humanly possible.

How we save you money...
24 Hour Security Operations, at a fraction of the cost.

As a systems integrator, we offer attractive pricing and customized feature sets, our plans can beat most of our competitors’ best offers on features and and talent, saving you thousands per year in securing complex networks.

We do the work for you, saving you time and the cost of attracting and retaining cybersecurity professionals, potentially saving you millions per year in payroll, benefits, and turn over.

With easy to read dashboards, you get visibility and reporting on security actions in real-time, saving you thousands per year by eliminating time and resources spent threat hunting and incident reporting.

By leaving the security to us, your IT teams can focus on IT, making them faster, and more effective for your organization. This alonesaves you thousands per year in inefficient staffing hours.

Decreased downtime from unexpected outages could save you millions per year in lost operating costs and revenues.

We are more than just a set of tools...
Managed services

In addition to all the Protections from our Sentry Solution...

All of our tools are managed. No learning curve to tackle, and no need to hire expensive, specialized talent, just install our agent and we do the rest.

Shortages on specialized talent are prevalent in every industry, especially when looking for qualified IT and cybersecurity support.

See how our experienced, domestic help desk team can be an affordable solution when you need support, or when you must add on to your existing teams, to ease the pains of increased need, growth and scaling.

Sentry has stopped all threats since 2011

Here's What our customer have to say about Sentry

“I never have to worry about my security with Sentry.  It makes things so much easier!”

"When I first heard about sentry I declined it thinking I was Protected with Norton antivirus. After I learned more I found that Norton wasn't actually protecting me! Im so happy I switched over."

"My employees were constantly opening emails and getting viruses. With Sentry I no longer have to worry what my employees click on."