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Cybersecurity starts with detection, which only occurs after a strike occurs. Not with AMEOT. We can’t wait until we detect that you’ve been hit to take action, that isn’t protecting, it's responding or reacting to the hit you just received. Wemove first!

About 15 years ago, we were like the cyber security companies one may be used to now. We relied on event logs, antivirus software, and fancy firewalls to block stuff. We also had network security tools to help block even more stuff. Then it happened, we had a client and close family friend’s business was hit by ransomware. We had no idea what it was back then, as the name ransomware had not been used yet, nor had this type of threat ever been seen.  As we investigated, we couldn’t help but notice that the virtual fort knox we had built around this business was absolutely no challenge for the attacker, nor did anything recognize the software before or after it ran. How could that be? Upon further inspection, we realized that everything we were using was reactive. Some things didn’t work until after something bad happened, while others didn’t know what was bad until it was added to a blacklist of some sort, which was almost always after nearly 100K users were hit by that particular threat! And to make it worse, even after being detected and blacklisted, all the attackers had to do was be slightly different or new to complete evade the security tools again!


We partnered with organizations and programmers to make a protected environment that would allow us to stop malicious software from running on the host machine before we could deem it safe. Yes, we could protect you before you get hit! We call that service the Sentry.  That was just over a decade ago, and we are still undefeated to this day. Our customers have been safe while watching the world around them discover the true cost of paying ransoms and still finding that their data had been sold on the dark web. 


We have since learned many more ways to proactively protect users from accidental or purposeful attacks and malicious software. We are currently working on a suite of tools that will isolate our protected environments from cyber attacks and warfare.  Our next goal is to protect critical infrastructure like the power grids of America and it's government agencies from cyber attack.  We thank you for taking the time to learn about who we are, and hope you will take the journey with us to assist mankind’s embrace of technology.


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