Fortify Your Campus Security with AMEOT Sentry

Protect Research, Students, and Innovation in a Risky Digital World

Protect Higher Education with AMEOT Sentry

Cloud Native Security to meet the complexities of higher education:

  • Intricate networks.
  • budget constraints.
  • Shared computers.
  • Bring Your Own Devices.
  • Personally Identifiable.
  • Downloads from Random Sources.
  • Valuable Research Projects.
  • Remote Locations and Access.
Threat Hunting

Ensure research continuity and protect intellectual property from disruptive attacks.

24/7 Threat Hunting Demo
Breach Prevention

Keep student data and faculty credentials secure, fostering trust and a safe learning environment

Campus-Wide Multi-Factor Authentication

Proactive safeguards ensure research integrity and prevent disruptions to academic pursuits.

New and Emerging Threats Blocked

CIO's Secret Weapon for Ensuring Academic Excellence

Managed Services: Free your IT team to focus on Supporting your faculty and Student body, while keeping costs down.

AMEOT Vigilance: Security Operations that evolve at lightning speeds with AI-detection and response.

Cost-Effective Protection: Competitive rates thanks to lower overhead and strategic location.

Secure your Academic Legacy with Ameot

Schedule a tailored consultation with our experts to address your institution's unique Security needs. Let AMEOT Sentry secure your institution with steadfast protection, one defense line at a time.

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