Multifactor Authentication enhances security by requiring an additional layer of verification beyond passwords. It uses a dedicated app on the user's device to generate unique, one-time codes. Even if an attacker knows the password, they cannot access the account without physical access to the user's device, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


Our Security Operations Center (SOC) provides continuous monitoring and rapid response to security incidents. SOC-as-a-Service takes this a step further by offering 24/7 monitoring for vulnerabilities and unauthorized activities. It uses AI and automated tools to detect threats and vulnerabilities quickly. When an issue is identified, it can automatically respond by patching systems, isolating threats, and notifying the organization of the findings.


Auto-Containment employs artificial intelligence to identify and isolate potentially harmful or unknown software on a computer system. By running these programs in a secure, isolated environment, the service can determine whether they pose a threat or not. This proactive approach helps prevent malicious software from causing harm to an organization's systems.