Embracing Change with AMEOT: A New Era of Cybersecurity

Embracing Change with AMEOT: A New Era of Cybersecurity


Change can be daunting, especially in the world of cybersecurity. The fear of change often prevents organizations from making meaningful improvements that could enhance their current security situation and improve future outcomes. Over the last decade and a half, many companies have found themselves in the news for lacking a concrete ransomware strategy, despite believing they had robust security measures in place.

At AMEOT, we understand this hesitation. We recognize that our competitors often exude confidence, bolstered by an army of litigators crafting persuasive messages about their supposed dominance in the security realm. However, their solutions frequently fall short, leaving customers vulnerable to cybercriminals. After an attack, these companies retreat behind the old adage, "There is no such thing as bulletproof security."

 Why AMEOT is Different

At AMEOT, we are committed to making your environment as secure as possible by proactively getting ahead of cybercriminals. Our approach is straightforward: we stop unauthorized access before it happens. By securing authentication and blocking unauthorized logins, we prevent potential breaches. When a flaw is identified, we work diligently to close it, ensuring continuous improvement.

Our methodology is proactive rather than reactive. Unlike our competitors, who often focus on identifying and naming threats before taking action, we prevent malware, spyware, and ransomware from running in the first place. Once stopped, we then analyze the threat. This approach minimizes risk and enhances security.

 The Importance of Change

Changing your security provider can feel uncomfortable, especially if you have a long-standing relationship with your current provider. You might be hesitant because you're unfamiliar with how we operate or because you've been taught that it's impossible to stay ahead of threats. However, transitioning to AMEOT is a move toward peace of mind.

The benefits of switching to AMEOT are far-reaching:

  • For CEOs: Present a solid, trustworthy organization that safeguards customer data.
  • For CFOs: Find operational savings by reducing the time spent responding to and remediating cyber incidents.
  • For CISOs: Rest easy knowing we are proactively preventing breaches, malware, spyware, and ransomware.
  • For COOs: Run more efficient operations without the disruptions caused by cybercrime.

 Embrace Positive Change

Change doesn't have to be hard. Sometimes, focusing on the goal rather than the hurdles can prevent paralysis by fear. We are here to help you make a change that will positively impact how you feel, work, and sleep at night. AMEOT is change—a good change.

Ready to explore how AMEOT can transform your security posture? Let's discuss your current strategy and see if we can bring about a positive change for your organization. Book a 30-minute call with me [here](https://calendly.com/ameot/30-minute-call).

 Supporting Statistics

- 85 million installs: AMEOT Sentry has been installed on over 85 million devices with zero reported losses to ransomware.

- Ransomware impact: The average cost of a ransomware attack is $4.62 million, according to IBM's Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022.

- Downtime costs: The average cost of downtime caused by ransomware is $274,200 per incident, as reported by Coveware.

By choosing AMEOT, you're not just choosing a cybersecurity provider; you're choosing a partner dedicated to proactive protection and continuous improvement. Let's work together to create a safer digital future for your organization. Book a 30-minute call with us.



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At AMEOT, we uphold our mission to empower a collaborative community to safeguard the online experience for everyone. Through our proactive and predictive cybersecurity solutions, we aim to greatly reduce the impact of cybercrime on our collective digital lives. Join us in building a safer digital future together.

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