Pay Nothing out of pocket!
If disaster strikes, our warranty has you covered.

Our Cyber Warranty even covers your cyber security deductible in case of successful cyber attack.

AMEOT teamed up with the best warranty providers in the business...

The best security and the best warranties mean you get the best offer..

  • AMEOT Security qualifies your business for the warranty
  • Zero deductible
  • no claims denied
  • fast access to funds
  • the warranty covers incidents not covered by cyber insurance
  • Insurance has a deductible, the warranty pays it for you
  • you pay nothing out of pocket if disaster strikes!
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Cyber Warranty vs. Cyber Insurance

  • You pay nothing out of pocket When filing a claim

  • Policies are simple and clear

  • costs a fraction of a cyber attack

  • helps mitigate the cost of damages due to cyber attack on covered systems up to payout limit

  • Instant approval

  • No deductible, Warranty pays your cyber insurance deductible

  • Fast processing and payout

  • No claims denied
  • You pay a deductible out of pocket when filing a claim

  • Policies an be complex and confusing leaving questions of what's covered

  • costs a fraction of a cyber attack

  • Only helps mitigate the approved first-party claims of damages due to certain cyber attack

  • Application for coverage must be approved

  • has a deductible you must pay

  • lengthy claims processing and payout

  • According to Astra Security reports, insurance has exclusions that resulted in non-payouts for approximately 25% of first party claims and/or breach