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Recent headlines are a stark reminder: cyberattacks are on the rise and no business is immune. As franchises urge franchisees to prioritize cybersecurity investment, AMEOT is here to offer a complete cybersecurity solution and a Cyber Warranty for your protection.

zero losses to ransomware says AMEOT is tough, Our $0 deductible warranty says we care.

We understand Homecare’s risks, but we also know your challenges.

Budgets are tight and cybersecurity protections and insurances can be both, expensive and limited, leaving you with a significant bill in case of a cyber attack. AMEOT wants to help...

  • With full protection, we have zero reported losses to ransomware for the last 13 years. Sentry is effective and affordable.
  • Our effectiveness translates into an affordable warranty with a $0 deductible, no claims denied and quick access to funds.
  • No out of pocket costs if your agency files a claim.
  • Running our security suite also makes you eligible for a $1M cyber insurance policy, contact us for details.

In 2020 alone, there were over 700,000 attacks against small businesses, totaling $2.8 billion in damages. (Source: 35 Alarming Small Business Cybersecurity Statistics for 2024 | StrongDM)

App-based Multi-Factor Authentication

Our security makes sure attackers can’t login to your computers to steal your data.

Attackers Blocked from logging on
AI-Managed Auto-Containment

Allow safe programs to run, while isolating unknowns software, and deleting threats.

New And Emerging Threats Blocked
AI-Powered endpoint protection

Proactive safeguards ensure data integrity and prevent disruptions to providing care.

Extended Detection and Response

Cybersecurity insurance isn't enough

Why Choose AMEOT Over Traditional Insurance?

  • Cost-Effective: We offer robust protection at a fraction of the price of traditional cybersecurity insurance.
  • Proactive Defense: AMEOT Sentry Pro actively blocks threats, preventing attacks before they happen.
  • Peace of Mind: Our Cyber Warranty guarantees financial recovery, minimizing the impact of a breach.
  • User-Friendly: No need for a dedicated IT team. We make cybersecurity simple to understand and manage.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand the unique needs of Homecare franchises. AMEOT offers plans to meet your unique situation.

Secure your Agency and customers’ Legacy with Ameot

Schedule a tailored consultation with our experts to address your agency's unique Security needs. Let AMEOT Sentry secure your customer and agency data with steadfast protection, one defense line at a time.

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